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posted Jan 29, 2017, 6:55 PM by MiamiValley AdaptiveColorGuard
Hello Guard Families:

Thanks to all today. A great performance with great parents and the props. We are a great team. We need everyone at practice on Monday. We are adding the blue flag series and if they are not there they won't know what to do for Northmont. Parents, we will need to unload props and floor as soon as you arrive. Thanks again for a great day. - Cathy

  • Monday, January 30: Rehearsal 6:45 - 7:45 - Parents bring straight & phillips head screwdrivers, and scissors to practice. Lynsey Tyson, a Miamisburg Guard Instructor, is going to show us how to tape the rifles that were donated to MVACG.
Sunday, February 5 Performance at Northmont High School - 4916 National Rd, Clayton, OH 45315.
  • Arrive at Northmont High School at 2:30 at Guard Check-in. When you enter the school, you can follow signs or ask where guard check-in is located. 
  • Admission: Adults $9.00, Students (7-18) $8.00, Seniors $7:00, Children (6 and under) Free. Performers are free. These prices are set by the MEPA Circuit, not the performance venue.
  • Performers should be dressed in their flannel shirts, jeans, and black shoes when they arrive. Girls' hair should be in long braided pigtails if possible, if not a long, pony down low or whatever works for you
  • MVACG warms up.
  • 3:40 Prop/tarp parents need to have tarp in the hallway outside the gym.
  • MVACG performs at 4:05pm.
  • Prop Dads - Mike will need your help loading the trailer after the performance.
  • Awards are at 4:15.
  • Check the following dates to see if your child is available to perform. You need to let me know if they will not be available.
Sunday, February 5: Northmont Arrival time 2:30 Performance time 4:05
Sunday, February 12: Nutter - Arrival time 3:45 Performance time 5:17
Sunday, March 5: Centerville
Sunday, March 12: Trent
Sunday, April 1: MEPA Championships at Nutter
 Saturday, April 8: WGI Championships at UD Arena

  • All practice dates & performance dates are updated on the MVACG calendar on the website www.mvacg.orgYou will find the calendar by clicking the word calendar on the left side of the home page. You should be able to add it to your Google calendar by clicking the + on the bottom right corner of the calendar.

If your child is not going to be at practice or at any of the above performances, please text me at 937 271-2288 ASAP.

Diane Pressel
MVACG President