Parent Notes From 8/18

posted Aug 23, 2015, 7:29 AM by MiamiValley AdaptiveColorGuard   [ updated Aug 23, 2015, 7:30 AM ]
  • We are using the Remind text system to notify parents of any last minute changes to performances due to weather, etc.

  • Costumes for fall season will be black t-shirt, jeans, & shoes that your child in comfortable wearing - no flip flops or sandals.

  • October 23 - Last football game at Harmon field in Miamisburg. We will be on the field, but no performance. All alumni and current band members, athletes, guard, & cheerleaders are being asked to come and be on the field one final time.

  • Take flag off flag pole for practice on Monday. The flag silk is yours to keep. Just bring the pole to practice.

  • Please review the calendar on & contact Cathy if your child is not able to attend a performance at 937 287-2960.

  • Up coming performance: Saturday, August 29 at Austin Landing. Cathy will give us more info on Monday.

  • Practice tomorrow on Monday, August 24 at Jane Chance Elementary from 6:30-7:30.  Address: 10661 Wood Road, Miamisburg. It is handicapped accessible. Park in the lot out front. There are handicapped spots in the front parking lot. I will be at the front door to let you in.

  • We going to be using the tarp to protect the gym floor. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to help unfold the tarp.  The tarp is heavy and parents need to help unfold it and place it on the floor, so the guard can practice on it. For new parents, the tarp is the "floor" that the ACG will perform on during winter guard practices and performances. It covers the gym floor. At the end of practice, parents need to fold the tarp.  The more parents we have helping, the easier it will be to place it on the floor. Thank you so much for your help!

  • While the students practice, the parents will be in the cafeteria.  There will be a vending machine in the cafeteria that is ran by the Multi-disability class (Stephanie's class) at JCE coming soon.

  • I have updated the calendar on our website:  It has practices, performances, & ACG break from October 12-November 2. If you click on the event, you will see the address for the event. If Cathy has given me the  time for the event, you will also see the time for the event.

  • If you have a Google account, you are able to upload the MVACG calendar to your calendar by using the Google icon on the bottom right of the calendar on our website.