Parent Meeting Notes 3/4/14

posted Mar 4, 2014, 5:05 PM by MiamiValley AdaptiveColorGuard


From Cathy:

  • What a disappointment this past weekend, NOT performing.  I know the students were ready, but let’s look into the future.
  •  March 22 (Saturday) – We will be performing at the Miamisburg Show. I am looking at a late performance time – meaning anytime after 3.  We should know by next week the exact performance time.
  •  March 28 (Friday evening) – We will be performing at the Miamisburg Friends & Family Night.  This is a free event at Miamisburg High School to all friends & family.  MVACG, Sweethearts (Miamisburg Elementary Guard), Miamisburg Junior Guard, & Miamisburg High School World Guard will perform.
  •  March 30 (Sunday) – We will be performing at MEPA State Competition at Nutter Center.  Look for a performance time after 3, probably closer to 5.
  •  April 4 (Friday) – We will be performing at WGI at University of Dayton at 9:00pm.  This will be quite a thrill as the entire arena will be packed as it is between Scholastic A and Scholastic Open finals.  I plan on meeting at Medlar View to practice at 6:00.  We will then get ready to do a car caravan to UD.  We will get there at 7:30.  The students will then get adjusted and into seats.  I should have seats for all of you.  Sorry I can not get seats for your friends & relatives.  We can only seat the students and you the parent that have been with us each week competitions.  Most seats at this event run $35 per seat.  If you have a relative that wants to see your child perform, may I suggest that they attend the Nutter Center Performance since they will have an awards ceremony - tickets: $13 (age 19 and over), $11 (age 7-18), $10 (Seniors age 62 and over)Free (age 6 and under) or the Miamisburg Show - tickets:$9 (age 19 and over), $8 (age 7-18), $10 (Seniors age 62 and over), Free (age 6 and under) or Miamisburg Friends & Family Show which is free.

****If your child is not going to perform with us for the MEPA (March 30) Circuit Championship and/or WGI (April 4), please let me know now.  I will make some adjustments as to where everyone stands starting now so everyone will feel comfortable with their new spot.  I WILL NOT BE UPSET IF I KNOW NOW.  I know this is Miamisburg’s Spring Break, but I have had this on the calendar since the very beginning of our season.****

  •  We will also be having an end of the year party on Sunday, April 6th at Marion’s Pizza by the Dayton Mall in the party room at 6:30. I would like to have a beach theme since that was our theme in winter guard.  If anyone wants to take on this project: decorations, gifts, etc. let me know.