Details for Sunday's Performance

posted Feb 8, 2014, 9:25 AM by MiamiValley AdaptiveColorGuard

  • We are performing at Trent Arena in Kettering at 3301 Shroyer Road.
  • You need to arrive at 11:15 am, no later than 11:30.
  • We will practice at Kettering. If you are late and not at that practice, I am sorry you will not be able to perform.  Please arrive early.
  • Go to the guard entrance.  There will be signs. Look for staff members.
  • Performers must be dressed in their costumes and have their equipment . We don't have extra flags.
  • We will go outside to get from our practice area to our performance area so have an easy coat for the kids to slip on and off.
  • Parents you will stay with us this year, since you are putting out props and the floor.  If you stay with us, it should cost you nothing.  But you will not get into the gym to watch other groups.  If you want to arrive early to watch other groups, tickets are $9, seniors are $7 and children are $8.
  • The MVACG will perform at 12:57.  Awards will follow.
  • You will be free to leave by 1:30.
This will be an awesome day for you and your kids!  ENJOY!!!!