7/15/14 Parent Meeting Notes

posted Jul 17, 2014, 4:44 AM by MiamiValley AdaptiveColorGuard
Hello all -
MVACG is happy to welcome a new member Rachel Goris!  She is a MHS student.  She is in Special Olympics.
Here are the notes from the parent meeting.  If you were unable to attend, I will meet with you at practice and give you an information folder with the forms you need.

  • Fees - The MVACG Executive Board has decided that fees will be donation based only. Your donation will be tax deductible. There are no fees required. If you donate to      MVACG, we will give a receipt for your taxes.

  • 501c3 - We are now tax-exempt. This will give us more fund-raising opportunities.

  • Fundraising - I have asked Lesa Hunter to help with fundraising. She has been fundamental part of fundraising with the Miamisburg Guard. When we met on Wednesday, she  sent me an email by 9:30 am Thursday getting Gordon's Food Service and information for Bob about tax exempt status. Jim Miller, Cathy's husband is also  offering his expertise on guard organizations.

               -Kroger Card - In case you haven't signed MVACG on your Kroger card by the info on a previous email I sent, there is an information sheet in the folder. This is free money to us. All you have to do after you assign your Kroger card to MVACG is use your Kroger Card. They will send us money at the end of each quarter.

               -Gordon’s - In the folder is information how to assign MVACG to your shopping at Gordon's. This is like the Kroger card.

               -Family/Friends Addresses - We are asking for 5 names and addresses of friends and family that we can send fundraising letters. We will have your child sign the letters before we send them out. MVACG will stuff the envelopes, pay the postage, and mail the letters. All you have to do is give us the names and addresses of 5 or more friends and family. This was our largest money maker fundraiser last year. There is a form in your folder.

             -Cooperate Sponsors - We will be sending letters to businesses in Miamisburg, Kettering, Centerville, Northmont, & Fairborn. We will be asking for your help during practice to stuff letters.

  • Forms that need returned - All these forms are in the folder I will give you when you return.

                -Contact & Information Sheet

                -MVACG Emergency Medical Authorization

                -Photo Video Consent & Release Form

                -Release of Liability Form

                -Addresses of Family/Friends  

  • Calendar

               -Practice dates for summer & fall - There is a schedule in your folder. Next week, our practice will be in the multipurpose room down the hall from the gym. MHS Pre-band camp will be going on at Medlar View next week, so it will be crowded. The following week MHS Band Camp will be at Medlar View, so it will be crowded again.

               -Winter practices - Winter Practice will be on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 at Medlar View starting November 10.

  • www.mvacg.org - For up to date information and calendar, look at the website.  

  • Therapist - Cathy is in the process of getting a physical therapist to work with the her and the assistant directors on how to modify the program for the performers.

  • The fall show will be an introduction to the winter show. MVACG will use the same music and costumes. The wiinter show will add on to the fall show. Cathy is in the process of designing the show shirt. Scott Winters, director of the Miamisburg Winter Guard will be designing the flags. Cathy has shared some of the great ideas she has for the winter show.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns you have.

Diane Pressel
MVACG President